Decision Made for Me

My baby chick debate decision has been made for me.   I started my order late, and then took too much time debating the small flock charges.   In the meantime others snatched up the best birds.  Today over half the breeds I had planned on getting are gone until May.    Since I like to start my chicks in late March or early April this means I will be picking the best of what shows up at the local farm store when I am ready for chicks this year.

Starting late March I will be calling the farm supply each week to find out what is scheduled to arrive.  There are lots of different breeds out there, but  I prefer heavy dual-purpose birds.  These birds tend to be the kinds that your grandmother had, today often  called heritage breeds.   Heritage breed chickens tend to fend well for themselves foraging for dinner and tolerate  weather conditions.  My favorite heavy breeds lay well and when they get older they are large enough to be Sunday’s stew.

It means that this year’s flock won’t have as many different breeds that make the showy collection my neighbors all talk about.   In spite of that  we are sure to have plenty of  farm fresh eggs for breakfast and a few spring chickens on the dinner table.

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