Chick Dilemma

I have already wait too long to order chicks.   Three of the breeds I was hoping for are sold out until May.   I wanted  to start new chicks the last of  March or first of April.   So I picked my breeds to make a minimum order, then  got to check out and choked.   It was going to be $16 extra for my small order.   Now the debate started, should I add enough chicks to make a standard quarter box?  It takes 25 chicks  to make a quarter box.If I order the extra chicks they will be destined for the dinner table.   Now the debate is on what kind of meaties to I get.  It sounds like the perfect solution, but I am not so sure.  Do I want to butcher that many this summer?   I should not wait too long to make up my mind what I am going to do as every day that goes by my options for really wonderful breeds gets smaller and smaller.



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