Kitchen Part 2

Removing Kitchen Cabinets

In the spring we added new cupboards to our kitchen on the west wall that had none.    Now we are replacing  the existing cupboards, adding a pantry and a desk area.   The existing cupboards  don’t look too bad, but when one looks close they were bottom-grade builders stock glued together, particle board construction.   The frames are now coming unglued and sagging in some places.  I live in fear that some night I am going to hear a crash and all my dishes, good and bad, are going to end up on the floor in a broken mess.

Last week the new cupboards arrived and they are sitting in the living room. Monday  our cupboard man will start the installation.  In the mean time this weekend John and I have packed up the kitchen, and carefully taken out the cupboards.  We are hoping to resell them and get a few bucks for them.

It is Sunday night, and I am happy report the cupboards are all in the garage.   It is amazing is it did not take more time than we allowed.  As weekend project warriors, most home projects  take more time than amateurs like us plan for, lots more time .   What is ever more amazing, maybe even a  landmark occasion is that this project did not result in a fight of frustration.   My husband did not get mad and silent and I did not get mad and and get loud.

It was a great start to the second phase of the project.   I can hardly wait until the cupboards are all installed, then I can think about lighting, the backsplash and new flooring.   It has taken me ten years to start this project lets hope it doesn’t take me ten years to finish it.


2 comments on “Kitchen Part 2

  1. Good luck with the project. The last time I redid a kitchen was with my husband the summer before our wedding. Since then we have moved and are now considering redoing our 10yr old kitchen. Maybe following your progress will give me the courage to do it again. It is alot of work- and alot of weeks without a usable kitchen.

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