Happy Place with Christ

A friend and I were talking about the power of the mind, mediating and visualization of your happy place.  She shared hers with me; it was looking into the face of Christ and him touching her shoulder (apologies to my friend if I don’t have it just right).  It was so cool to listen to her talk about how she felt with this image and the peace it brought her.  It was , calming and peaceful to hear her talk about it.  It has stuck with me all this week, and made me think lots about my faith.  Not doubt my faith, or question if I have a faith, but just reflect on how I embrace it.

Long ago a woman’s bible study group  changed my personal image of Christ from this one we see in our  churches today.   I believe that God gives a personal an image of Christ that furthers our understanding of faith.  God made Christ a man and put him on this earth to do a job.   As a man he was fashioned to be accepted by society to do his mission.   God knew that making him homely, a leaper, or handicap at the time he was sent to earth would not likely make him successful at his mission in the years when Christ walked the earth. If God sent Christ to earth today I can not imagine what form he would choose to reach us today. Would he stick with the tried and true image we embrace today or would God pick something different looking?

I know that there are books of  experiences of clinical death experiences and those who have visited heaven. They talk about their experiences there and what they saw.   I have read several and don’t question heavens existence.  In fact they confirm my faith and that I have been put on this earth as spiritual journey.  But none of those books  or subsequent Bible studies changed my belief that image of Christ Is given to us from God as we need it to be.   There are pictures of Christ as a black man;   is that wrong because someone who has been to heaven saw him as white? I doubt it.  In fact I find  something comforting and familiar about that picture of a black Christ  hanging in someone’s home or church.   When I visit a museum and see pictures painted centuries ago in so many different fashions I always find something in the face that quickly says “I am  Jesus Christ.”

Does this mean my friend and others are wrong in their image of Christ.   No.   Does it mean I am not a woman of  faith if I don’t embrace and know a single image of Christ as the true one.  No.  I think it means the Holy Spirit is working in each of us providing guidance, interceding and assisting in our prayers.   My lucky friend already knows what Jesus will look like when she walks through the pearly gates


One comment on “Happy Place with Christ

  1. i believe you are absolutely correct in that Christ is revealed to us in a way that works for each of us individually. I happen to believe that Christ looks the way Akaine Kramarik has painted him because of her story and because Colton Burpo backed it up. Both of these children have amazing stories that correlate!
    If I am lucky enough to see the pearly gates and not the fires of hell, who knows who will be there to great me, but I do believe it will be perfect and peaceful.

    So you don’t say, what is your image of Christ? Do you care to share? If I were a betting person, I’d say your image might even be a female?

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