I am a migraine suffered who’s most predictive trigger is the barometer.  It means I can predict weather better than any well-school meteorologist.  I have all the common migraine symptoms, throbbing severe one-sided pain in my head, nausea, and light-headedness.  But my most difficult symptom to manage is  the audio sensitivity.   I don’t crave a dark room, like light-sensitve migraine sufferers.    When I have a migraine  I need the  absolute silence , though I have learned through experience that can not be achieved.

During a headache, every little sound is amplified over and over.  Every sound thunders and bounces around in my head like a bad series of echos.  My husband’s rhythmic breathing  as he sleeps sounds like a hurricane.   My dog’s dreams with a  muffled barking  at crows he is chasing  across the fields,  sounds like a pack of dogs to my sensitive ear.  Eventually those sounds, that usually bring comfort, force me from my bed.   I take my migraine prescription, get ice for my head and take up residence in the recliner.   I quickly discover, that which I know from the past nights, there is no place that true silence exists.    The motor of the refrigerator sounds like what I imagine a jet engine sounds like if you put your head in the turbines.   Your heating system makes tons of noise as the system expands with the heat and cooling as the thermometer cycles.    The winds that beat my house find little cracks and it will whistle in through.  I meditate and envision my happy place until my drugs kick in and start the slow recovery process from my latest migraine.   I refuse to give up any more time than necessary to them.


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