WIP – Work In Progress

I am not a resolution kind of girl.   Resolutions mean I need to wait on January 1st to start to change.   I am always a work in progress and my changes happen through out the year.  I pick  something I want to improve on and write it down, fold it in half.   I then date it six weeks out and put it in my drawer to pull out six  weeks later.   They say that is how long you have to do something to make a change.  I never allow myself to have more than three changes at a time.  I am a woman and can be self critical enough of myself without filling a draw with reminders.

This year I did make some a huge stride in health improvement.   I  have removed products with high fructose corn syrup from my diet.  There are still plenty of added sugars in what I eat, but picking just one and refusing to buy products that have it is a step in the right direction. I fell off the wagon and had a Coke the other day, but did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would.   I was sort of glad for the lapse and it reminds me that changes sometimes don’t have to be a lifetime of deprivation.   Once that one was done I wrote add more fiber to my diet.   That one was a bust.   It was too hard to measure.  At the end of six weeks I changed it to buy only breads that have at least 6 grams of fiber per slice and whole wheat flour is the first ingredient on the list.    That one I mastered, though I must admit I do occasionally indulge in a homemade loaf of a rustic white bread.

I would love to write a book. I picked writing at least once a week here on my blog as a change I wanted to make.   I haven’t always blogged once a week, but has become a habit I enjoy and makes me think about writing and its creative process.   For awhile I had a change in my drawer to write a single themed blog.   It did not work for me, but who knows I may put that back in the drawer some day in the future or something else that would move me toward penning that book I know is in me.

I had mastered my exercise routine and had even gone so far as to be consistently doing two kinds of exercise regularly.  I have done more than fall off the wagon.   I have completely undone any good habits I had established.   I used the excuse that work was crazy, and then work did get crazy.  Now I find myself establishing even more bad habits in the name of busy with work…skipping meals…not taking breaks from the desk…   So I have put do a 30 minute yoga routine on even days back in my drawer  I know once I get yoga back in my life, the balance it brings will allow me to move forward with more healthy changes.

Yesterday I was making thank-you cards and I used my sewing machine.   I found that so soothing.  It reminded me of what a creative outlet it is for me.   I may just put finish one of my UFO’s (unfinished objects) in my drawer.  I have no shortage of those.

So this year I hope that I make positive changes  in my life, not just in January all twelve months.   In case you are wondering what is in my drawer right now here goes.

  • Do a 30 minute Yoga routine on even days.
  • Clean the kitchen counters to the completely clean state once a day.
  • Keep your toes painted.   It makes me smile, and it such a simple thing.   I want to not only do it in the summer but year round.

One comment on “WIP – Work In Progress

  1. I love it- you really are my hero sometimes…painted toenails! I am pondering resolutions today. While I too agree with being a work in progress, there is something to the symbolism of a new year and a fresh start. Go back to your yoga for sure- work will ALWAYS be there! 🙂 I know because I am your boss! lol

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