Another Project – Text

This was a putsie project involving the text.  Point of it all was to make the text follow around the dog.   I got it done, but not sure it was  such a big deal.  I am thinking I made the text too small.

It was fun to visit this snap shot again and find some fun text to go with it.

New Software – New Hardware

I have had a Wacom pen tablet for years and had a love hate relationships with it.   I loved what it could do and I hated the fat nib.   My employer recently bought a newer version and today I have been working on getting used to the differences including the wonderful small nib.    At the same time I have been getting use to my upgrade in Photoshop Elements.

These two upgrades caused me to go find my favorite exercise book and start to work my way through it again.   Some of it is very easy, i.e. black and white and sepia color photographs.   Others I have to read the steps a couple of times to make sure I get it right and then look at how this new tablet works settings work as well.  Sometimes is fun and other times it is frustrating as I don’t seem to know how to get it just wright or….right.   It seems like it should be the same but it isn’t.

In the next few days or weeks watch here for some of my play projects.   Here is one from today.

Here is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pullet showcased on a black and white background.   I used layers, decoloring, eraser tool, the zoom tool, the color saturation and hue tools to do this.   What I learned in this case is a blue color for a bird is really more grey and not necessarily the best choice for this kind of project.   I learned about the touch feature on my new Wacom, and how to turn it on and off to serve my needs.   Not bad, and I did not once want to run out in traffic while doing this.

Decision Made for Me

My baby chick debate decision has been made for me.   I started my order late, and then took too much time debating the small flock charges.   In the meantime others snatched up the best birds.  Today over half the breeds I had planned on getting are gone until May.    Since I like to start my chicks in late March or early April this means I will be picking the best of what shows up at the local farm store when I am ready for chicks this year.

Starting late March I will be calling the farm supply each week to find out what is scheduled to arrive.  There are lots of different breeds out there, but  I prefer heavy dual-purpose birds.  These birds tend to be the kinds that your grandmother had, today often  called heritage breeds.   Heritage breed chickens tend to fend well for themselves foraging for dinner and tolerate  weather conditions.  My favorite heavy breeds lay well and when they get older they are large enough to be Sunday’s stew.

It means that this year’s flock won’t have as many different breeds that make the showy collection my neighbors all talk about.   In spite of that  we are sure to have plenty of  farm fresh eggs for breakfast and a few spring chickens on the dinner table.

New Year – New Look

One of the things that my blog host, Word Press, does is supply an assortment  of free blog layouts.  Designs are all styles and formats to support the different focuses and styles of blogs.   Some are design to show off photos, others are conducive to the written word and every combination in between. Changing a theme is easy as a click of the mouse.   If you are like me and have chosen to use the maximum number of features, changing isn’t as easy.   In spite of that I do like to change my layout at least once if not twice a year.   Hope you enjoy my new choice and keep watch as I tweak and play with this to make it mine.

Chick Dilemma

I have already wait too long to order chicks.   Three of the breeds I was hoping for are sold out until May.   I wanted  to start new chicks the last of  March or first of April.   So I picked my breeds to make a minimum order, then  got to check out and choked.   It was going to be $16 extra for my small order.   Now the debate started, should I add enough chicks to make a standard quarter box?  It takes 25 chicks  to make a quarter box.If I order the extra chicks they will be destined for the dinner table.   Now the debate is on what kind of meaties to I get.  It sounds like the perfect solution, but I am not so sure.  Do I want to butcher that many this summer?   I should not wait too long to make up my mind what I am going to do as every day that goes by my options for really wonderful breeds gets smaller and smaller.


Another Use for Duct Tape

Our house was built by a fella we call the “Deadbeat Idiot” (DI).  He built much of  our house with what he could bring home in his lunch box.  It was cobbled together  and half-finished in so many ways.   We have had to have the plumbing redone; the wiring cleaned up.  Ten years later you would think we had found most of his handiwork, and nothing would surprise us.    Yet when we tore out the kitchen, we discovered rather than properly fasten the countertop corners, he started the job and when it became too difficult to get right he got out the duct tape.   It made the counter top work until about last year.   Maybe I shouldn’t call him DI after all.

Familiar Grounds

Still a Safe Place

When we packed up our kitchen and planned for time without a sink.   One of the things we did was bring in some dishpans we had in storage.  Almost immediately our cat curled up in them.   She had spent time in a shelter before we adopted her.   They used dishpans as cat beds.  Though Abby has been here over a year, the dishpan apparently still is a safe place in her mind.   Even though there was a cushy pillow she preferred the undersized dishpan.  Animals remember much more than we think