Today I made  new header for my blog.   It made me reflect on those who have influenced me who are no longer here.

My Grandma Virtue who was always a kid at heart.   She grew up so very little, in the home of her stern Grandmother.  In spite of that she was not bitter.    She had an infectious laugh, a heartwarming smile and love that enveloped everyone she met…family….friend….stranger.

My father, who I lost this year.  Without him I would not be here.   Though I really only came to know him as an adult, there was not a question that he loved me, unconditionally despite both our faults.

My Aunt Linda, who was half of  my two Aunts side-show of Mutt & Jeff.   They were best friends, who would be trying everything in life.   They crafted, they cooked and shopped together.   They were sisters and friends.  They made me seek friends who could be like a sister.

My step-father, who in spite of his faults, taught his parents that kids in a blended family were to be treated exactly like the ones genetically connected.   He attitude gave me an extra set of Grandparents.  Something I think blended families of today could learn so much from.

My Granny, who was crafty, but also artistic.   She makes me believe I can be too.

My friend Barb, who wasn’t a Butte native either.   She helped me embrace the quirkiness of being transplanted to Butte, and find companionship that you need when you weren’t a native and no amount of time would ever make you one.   There is lots of laughter that goes with being an outsider.

Grandpa Virtue, who was such a gentle soul who touched so many.  He was so giving and willing to share, despite having so little himself.  He taught me we can always manage to share even when we feel we don’t have enough to do so.

My Nanny, Great-Grandma, who lived in California, and was her own woman long before it was acceptable.  She taught me so much about being standing up for yourself.  In spite of being my Granny’s mother, she was much younger at heart. I wish I had more time with her.

My Gomper, Grandfather for the rest of you, who had a voice with a timbre that holds strong in my memories.   It was the voice that delivered sermons.   It was the voice that could carry a tune and sing hymns like none other.   I unfortunately I did not get the gene to  carry a tune.

My Grandma T, who gave me the love of cooking and influenced me to be bold in my cooking.   She was a woman who collected cookbooks and made something new every Sunday night.

My Uncle John, who I watched him love unconditionally.  What a gift to see.

My Grandpa T, who taught me the love of fresh food, and the hate of a garden that gets too big to be fun anymore.   My gardens have always been small I learned my lesson well.

I am sure that there are many others, that have touched me, changed me, made me.  I hope that I continue to grow with the foundation they planted.


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