Wrapping Gifts

I have started wrapping gifts so I can get them in the mail for my family back in the Midwest.    It brought back memories of my Granny Miller who was  a creative gift wrapper.  She had two solid colors of  paper that was almost like lacquer.   This paper  was used for every gift wrapping occasion birthdays, weddings and Christmas.  She did not just wrap and add a bow.   My Granny was  always adding things adding things to the personalize  each gift and make it appropriate for the occasion.  Her gift toppers were like all those special things that they put on your gift when you had it wrapped at a department store.  At Christmas your topper might include pine cones we collected the past summer at the cabin, candy canes, a couple of Christmas balls or artificial poinsettias.  It was a moment of creativity, not just a hurry up wrap the gifts, punk a ribbon on it time for her.    I am trying to enjoy my gift wrapping a little more this year before I squish it all up and put it in a box to ship.  Maybe next year I will take sometime and use ideas on the internet to help me create some packages that would have made Granny proud.


One comment on “Wrapping Gifts

  1. You told me something about Aunt Pat I never knew! That’s interesting, though, b/c when I think of creative people I always think of her first (with my Mom right behind!). One year for Thanksgiving I helped her make place cards for our dinner. We started early that morning by scouring the yard for all kinds of tidbits that normally I would have overlooked as being valuable. Then she set about making some dough-like stuff (never knew what it was for sure!), colored it, then formed it into tiny pumpkins, bunches of grapes, haystacks, & other festive items. Next, we made the cards & began gluing all these items on each one. They were all different, made especially for each one in mind, & by the time we were finished I was exhausted. But she was energized by doing something creative!! I think that’s when I knew I’d never be in her league, but it had been fun to be included & taught first-hand! I prefer to create in the kitchen rather than with this type of thing but it sure made an impresion on my as to her creativity. Guess you got that gene from her, all right!

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