Thanksgiving Leftovers

The crowd I spend Thanksgiving with, all bring something to the table for the holiday.   The result is there is plenty of food, as there is at so many homes for the holiday.   At the end of the night the guests are all making up plates taking a little of this and a little of that  that from the dishes brought by others.  It is a last pass through the line ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Each  person is making up their plate for tomorrow’s lunch.   If you run out of space,  some are known to put a little dressing in a zip lock  in addition to their plate of goodies.  So though you may not cook, you will still get a turkey sandwich tomorrow.

Though we all bring home leftovers, the most coveted thing was the ham bone and the turkey carcass.  There were two families of two that split the turkey.  It means that three families will use the timeless methods of using every last bite in making soups and stocks from what in many households gets thrown out with the trash.   I got half a turkey and yesterday it spent cooking in the stockpot with celery, carrots, onion, and parsley until the bones were free of meat.   I got four quarts of rich stock with lots of meat. I will freeze some for soup later on and use some to make creamed turkey to put on mashed potatoes and our leftover dressing.  I wonder if the ham bone will be Senate Bean soup or split pea.

One comment on “Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. Have cooked 2 turkeys in the last week and one more to go. So have cooked allot of carcass. Cooked one carcass for our community soup lunch next month, gave one cooked carcus to neighbor lady and the next one I’ll cook for myself.

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