My New Favorite Chicken Breed

My Wayndotte Sisters fighting over a next box. There are two perfectly good empty ones right next to this one.

Wyandottes are my new favorite breed of chickens.  I have had an assortment of chicken breeds over the years, looking for that right mix of traits for me; hearty, pretty, nice,  and good egg layers.  It appears that that these wyandottes may fit the bill.

Winter has settled in Montana with snow, cold weather and shortening days.  All of these conditions make chickens want to go on an egg laying hiatus. Many chickens will take the shortening days as a que it is perfect time to moult, which in Montana is pure idiocy as it the coldest time to be loosing all their feathers.   My Easter-Egger, Barred Rock, and Partridge Rock are all in various states of  re-feathering and not laying any eggs.   My three wyandottes are still laying without any artificial light or heat.  Many days we get three eggs and so far we haven’t had any days where we get skunked.   We will see how the rest of the winter goes, but we may be looking at other colored wyandottes to add to the flock this spring.

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