Cross Country Skiing During Hunting Season

Last night my husband and I talked about strapping on a pair of skis this weekend.  He brought up an interesting concern for early cross-country skiers…hunters.   We still have a couple of weeks left  in hunting season and our favorite places to ski are on trails on the local National Forest.  This  unfortunately does put us at risk .   We would be traipsing around on the same trails that hunters and game use.    Though most hunters are careful, it takes only one idiot to ruin it.   In this case it would be me that suffers.   I guess that if we go out we will be donning blaze orange for personal safety.   Put away the bear spray and get out the bright clothes.


One comment on “Cross Country Skiing During Hunting Season

  1. Be sure to done lots and lots of orange and don’t put away the bear spray yet…I just saw someone post some fresh grizzly prints in snow just last week on FB!! Be careful on all fronts my friend!

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