Power of the Internet

There are so many things that aren’t so nice about the Internet; fiction reported as fact; bullying that never stops; pornography and sex trade; stolen identities and so much more.  Yet there is so much positive to report as well.   One of those positive things is a website called: www.caringbridge.com

I first found out about this site when a person I used to work with was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.   It was here that he and when he could no longer communicate his wife, kept all his family, friends and acquaintances posted on their journey of saying goodbye.   It allowed them to with a single post, let those of us who kept them in our thoughts and prayers know what was going on.  Keeping everyone informed during some of life’s most trying times can be overwhelming.   It also had the power to without asking to let folks know what they could do to help.   One post told that  Bill was coming home, now in a wheelchair,  and that accommodations were going to need to be made to help get him in and out of their house.  Caring Bridge with that single post brought together co-workers, friends, members of their church and community,  to  quickly build a wheelchair friendly sidewalk,  patio and ramp into their home on a Saturday afternoon.   Though I had moved three states away it allowed me to stay informed and provide what support I could with emails, and cards.

Once again I find myself using Caring Bridge, this time as a dear cousin’s husband waits for a liver transplant.   What a difficult place to be in, to pray for God’s will be done, and hope that it means a donor will be found and he will receive it.  Yet knowing that if happens as you hope some one will die to provide that liver is also hard to reconcile.  This family is one of great faith and I know that they will get through this.   I hope by sharing their journey on Caring Bridge it allows them to be surrounded by the love, faith, and good wishes of others.