Thoughts Turn to the Holidays

Homemade usually requires a glue gun

With the first snow thoughts turn to the holidays. I pull out my Christmas list and look it over and figure out where I stand.   I try to make as many of my gifts as possible, and that requires I start early.   As the holiday pulls closer, I have to re-evaluate my plans of homemade gifts.  I was pulled outside by the short warm season with the long days that are now a distant memory.   I am realizing the price I must pay.  Sometimes I throw up my hands and head to the local stores, when I realize  the best laid plans have gone awry.  Christmas gifts are not started and there is no hope of getting them done in time for this year’s holiday.   Disappointment.

I have two gifts  I started in the spring and they have got pushed aside by time and nice weather.   Now, November is here and I better get crack’in and work on getting those two gifts tied up.   One I feel pretty good about and the other still has a way to go.   Oh well that is what November and December are for, getting ready for the holidays.

One comment on “Thoughts Turn to the Holidays

  1. Catching up on all of your blogs! Busy little writer bee you have been! Yes, Christmas is coming at us too fast, but I personally will be glad when December gets here (from a work standpoint), Falls are really too short in this state, but then again, the climate is too dry, we don’t have an ocean and winters are too damn long. I would love to take the train on a serious trip…all I know is that I could not ride backwards!! I’m glad John’s trip went well.

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