Snow…Real Snow

John & friend, Becky, on a favorite trail.

I woke up to over three inches of snow this morning.   Though the first day of winter is still over a month away it has arrived in Montana.    This is not unusual to have snow here in November,  though I must admit I am never ready for the first serious snow fall of the year.

Once real snow arrives my mind quickly moves to cross-country skiing.    I am not ready for bitter cold or sucky roads, but I want to get out and enjoy the weather on a pair of skis.   Until we get a enough of a snow base it can be hard on your skis; rocks and sticks can gouge up your bottoms.     In Minnesota you could take to the golf courses for that early season fix.   Here I have to think about getting my old ratty skis out.  I bought them in 1977 and they have seen many winters. They are your classic skinny skis with three-pin bindings.  They aren’t as nice as my new pair I  bought 3 years ago  but and I won’t lose sleep if I use them on a rough trail with debris poking through early snow.   The only drag is I have to wax them:(

Maybe today a hike in the snowy road will have to do.

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