Broody Hen

My new barred rock chicken, “Little Rock” decided to go broody on me.  What this means is her biological clock said “hatch chicks.”  This has nothing to do if there is a rooster or not, and eggs are hatchable or not.  A broody chicken will start to make special sounds;  the true cluck-cluck that you read in children’s books.   She will also start sitting on the nest box 24-7.  This nesting process brings out two two things, neither of which are good.

First, a broody hen thinks that she has laid enough eggs to hatch and stops laying.  You have laying hens for eggs, so this isn’t a good turn of events.   A broody chicken will stop laying even if there are no eggs in her nest box.

Second undesirable feature is the desire to protect her nest box.   No other way to say it a broody chicken  becomes wicked and will peck you any way she can.   Her goal is  to keep you from reaching under her to check for eggs.

So I will spend the next week “throwing” her out of the nest box, until she gets the message.


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