Corporate Missions

A previous post I wrote made me think about how companies value or don’t value employees in this ever changing economy. I understand that corporations are to make money to return it to the stockholder, for their investment.   After spending way too much time surfing on the net I have yet to find a single company mission that says we are are here to make money period.   And yet today I think way too often companies behave as if that is their mission and give little thought to their employees.

I remember my first job working for a corporation after working for a couple of small businesses.   It was a an insurance company.  I was told that we would never be able to beat the Blues in premiums, but we had a an unmatched service.  A  claim was processed by only one person from beginning to end.   The name on the EOB was the person who was responsible for how you got paid.  Everyone in my department had come from the medial profession: nurses, medial assistants, lab techs, x-ray techs and more.  Many had left hospitals for better hours. Others had left small offices in search of benefits.  We were a valued respected part of the insurance team.  Today when you call about an insurance claim you will get a customer service person who can’t pronounce pneumonia right, because they don’t know the p is silent. No one person has the answer, they have to go looking around to find 3 or 4 people to justify or explain what happened in your case.   Today insurance companies are making record profits and it appears that they have few professionals who have the skills to understand your condition and how your claim was paid.  I found this mission for BCBS of Montana:  “our mission is to help people lead healthier lives.”   Maybe that is why my claim service is so crummy.

Bank of American, took TARP money from the us citizens and hence it’s employees.   It has since returned to making profits.  What has happened since it returned to profitability, it has had two major layoffs of its employees.  Thank you employees for your money and here is your pink slip.

It is a tough economy for many people and many business, but there are just as many businesses who are doing just fine and just using the economy as an excuse to treat their employees poorly.   Greedy Bastards!