Least Favorite Plant

At work we are rolling out a new campaign called Fight 5, where you identify the 5 noxious weeds you hate most based on your life style. You learn to ID your plants, the impact of your plants and how to manage and fight your five.  As a hiker with a dog, my number one despised plant is the needle & thread grass.  It isn’t a noxious weed, but it is still my number one plant.

The seeds have sharp pointed heads with barbs like fish hooks that make them go through the skin easily but resist coming out.    They have cork screws on the stem behind the seed to help drive them in through the dog fur.   They can penetrate a dog’s skin and cause abscesses or worse.  My dog picks up lots of them when we are out exploring.   I worry that I won’t find them all.

Though plants must be non-native  to be declared noxious in Montana, and needle & thread grass is native it is on my personal Fight 5 list.