Sleepless Nights and Guilty Pleasures

I am not sure what cause sleepless nights.  Those nights when you wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning and can’t turn over and go back to sleep.   Sometimes when you wake up your mind is consciously racing and bouncing things around in your head, you are aware of them from the minute you wake up what caused it.  Other times you have no idea what woke you and why falling back to sleep seems impossible.

I give myself no more than one hour of this tossing and turning watching the clock trying all the method known to man to clear my mind, get in a restful state and no longer watching the clock.  When I finally give up on sleep, I go for one of my guilty pleasures…pulp fiction.  In my case those  one of those monthly romance novels.  Nothing to complex; always a happy ending.  Unlike a thriller or nonfiction I won’t keep reading to daybreak.   Instead they engross me enough to clear my mind, but not so much that I can’t put it down to go back to sleep.

I keep a supply on my beside table, from the local thrift stores.   A guilty pleasure that won’t break the bank, and doesn’t add pounds, can’t be all bad.


One comment on “Sleepless Nights and Guilty Pleasures

  1. I read every night before shutting off the llight. Yes something light that lets you relax and not dwell on the problems of the day. Sometimes that still doesn’t work so get up and go on the computer. Finally after about an hour on it, go back to bed and right to sleep.

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