Clear Night

Tonight as I locked in my chickens I could not help but notice how clear the night sky was.   It wasn’t just a clear night, but that crystal clear where you can see for miles and miles.   The moon was already high in the sky, the bright early stars were just starting to show and only a few clouds on the western horizon.   There was  still the hint of  colors  from the sun that had already left, mauve and shades of blue.  I am not sure if the clear sky is because we have had rain, snow, and fog to clear the air, or it is the cold weather, but is something I wish I could share with all of you.


First Snow

Mt. Deer Lodge looking north from my deck. The sun was just coming up and catching this peak. There is cloud cover on Mt. Fleecer again.

I am not sure when the first snow arrived.  Mt. Fleecer my main attraction when looking out the window had been socked in with cloud cover for two days.   Last night near dust the clouds broke.   There it was, the first snow of the season in my backyard.   The whole Fleecer ridge was white, not just the top of Mt. Fleecer but the whole ridge.   Welcome to to the snow season.

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