I Paid Dearly

Huckleberries are a seasonal favorite here.  I love a piece of pie once a year about this time.   I think the reason I enjoy them so is they have this intense flavor, that so many fruits don’t.  Some liken them to the flavor of blueberries, but I think that is only true if you pick the wild ones. Something is lost in domestication.

I think about going out every year and picking enough for a pie, and then the bear attack stories start on the news and it never happens.   This year is no exception.   Bears are out in droves stocking up fat supplies for the winter.   We are hearing almost daily on television news about bear/human interfaces.  I know I would be too intent picking berries to remember to keep a proper eye out for a bear.   The only way I think I could actually pick huckleberries is if my husband stood guard wearing a double pack of bear spray.  One for the left hand and one for the right.

This year I had to make a trip up north, where the huckleberries are plentiful.  I succumbed and paid an outrageous sum of money for some that were already picked.   It wasn’t enough to make pie, but I did find a recipe for Huckleberry Buckle that I could make with 2 1/2 cups.  It is now baking in the oven, and the anticipation is high.  Fresh hot huckleberry buckle. Yummmmm!