Moulting Chickens

I am not sure why chickens wait until fall and winter to moult here, but it seems always to be the way it goes at my place .   Right now I have two birds moulting.  They look like they have been in a “cat fight.”  They are also hesitant to come outside the coop.   It is like they are embarrassed to show the world how they look.

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For those of you unfamiliar with chickens, it is when they lose all their feathers and get new ones.  It happens about once a year. During that time they will put their full energy into getting new feathers and their egg laying will slow down or cease altogether.  Some birds moult slowly and it takes 2-3 months.  Fortunately mine seem to go through the moult cycle fast and furious.   One day I open the coop and it appears that a pillow fight ensued overnight, and  a bird looks like they were in a fight and got the short end of  the stick.