Many times  we talk about simplifying our lives.   It is easily said, but simplify doesn’t have a clear meaning.  Often times folks mean spending less when they say they are going to simplify.   Others purge clutter from their lives in an attempt to simplify.   I think that spending less and getting rid of clutter can be  elements of simplifying our lives, but simplify is much more complex than that.  It is unique for each of us, and the place we are in our life.

To simplify is to understanding what is important.  Once you understand what is important, your life will be simpler if you keep your eye on those important things.   For me my family, my life-time friends, shelter, food, good books, some music, a little personal creativity and open space are important.  Sometimes I lose focus of what is important, but when I remember what counts at the end of the day it all becomes simpler, less stressful.

It is important to simplify.   If you know what is important it is simple.