Off With Their Heads!

Ok that is a little dramatic, but right now my laying hens are driving me nuts.  All week my chickens have been in jail, their 64 x 24 foot fenced in run, trying to get the the bottom of the missing eggs.  I am still not getting the number of eggs these girls should produce.

An egg laid on plywood #^%&*

I still have a hen who is refusing to lay in the next boxes.   She isn’t making a nice nest else where and there is plenty of straw laying around in the coop and the shed that they have access to.  No she is still laying on a piece of plywood!   Fortunately they are not rolling off and breaking, but strange none the less and confinement isn’t helping.

Yesterday I found two eggs that had been eaten.   Meaning my chickens ate the eggs.   This is not a good thing.   It is something you usually nip right in the bud, before one hen teaches others the valuable stash inside the eggs.   I am gathering eggs 3 times a day, so not sure how the sly bugger managed. but on the look out for a hen or hens with shells and yolks on their beaks.

Shirley continues to demonstrate daily where a proper chicken lays eggs.

On my best day this week I found 3 eggs in next boxes.   This isn’t good.


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