Eggs – All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Yesterday I gave eggs to  friends and they remarked on what a lovely dozen of eggs they were.   All the various colors, sizes and even shapes.

That comment made me take a closer look. I have ten laying hens right now and though some of the eggs are too similar for me to tell apart, my eggs are reflective of my birds. The greens come from my sole Easter Egger, who’s eggs are much larger this summer than last.   The solitary egg the color of a porcelain doll’s face comes from Dolly, who is past her prime and the single egg in a dozen reminds me of that.  Jane’s eggs are like torpedos; while Rock Star’s eggs are hard to tell the pointed from the wide end apart.  The littles are starting to lay and the small eggs belong to them.  My eggs are as diverse as my flock.

Grocery store eggs come from a breed or two that have been selectively bred over the years to produce hens, who lay as early in age as possible, as often as possible,  and as uniform as possible.  Grocery store birds have been developed over the years to tolerate confinement well.  Even free range or cage free chickens are given minimal space. I on the other hand have all sorts of breeds, some of who were the basis for the super layers.   This menagerie of laying hens gives me all sorts of variety in personality and beauty.  That also gives me a dozen eggs that even before you crack the first one that will out compete store eggs.


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