Smoke Season

Almost every year at this time we enter smoke season.  It means fires are burning in the west and summer is coming to an end.  We live in a valley  and the smoke blows in from other parts of Montana and Idaho.  Some days there is little more than a haze and other days it is so thick it reminds me of a total solar eclipse I  once experienced.  It is an odd sort of dark day and the sun isn’t visible at all.

The other day when running to a nearby town, I stopped and snapped a picture of the mountains in the distant.  It reminded me of the Blue Mountain Cards that were popular years ago. Smoke also makes for spectacular sunsets.   Last night when we were coming home as we got on the interstate here was a young couple pulling out law chairs and a cooler to sit  right there on the entrance ramp and look down the Big Hole Valley at the spectacular sunset caused by all the smoke.    I had never thought or consider this prime sun set watching place, but to be quite honest it was great.  It was just high enough to be able to look over the valley and the sun was setting between two mountain peaks.   Not sure if this was a spur of the moment tourist reaction or a local who heads there when the smoke is right.

Not sure how long smoke season will last this year, but am sure when it is over fall will be here in earnest.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Seasons

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