What is Your Calling?

Recently a video that asked “what is your calling?” was shared with me.   It has  really made me think.   I found myself thinking about my calling, when I lay in bed before I get up and at those quiet moments watching the sun set    I thought about this yesterday when I drove an hour to my bosses house and a second hour all the way home again.   This inability to shake this question drove me to share this video today with you. I think I understand what a calling is…a passion that shapes a life.   It is something you are driven to do.  A calling in that thing that gives you peace; makes you know that your life has purpose; lets you know why you are here.   I think about others in my life and I feel many of them have found their calling.  I know lots of things I a good at, but I don’t think I have yet discovered my calling.  Am I not listening? Am I unaware?  I am seeking my calling.  Do you know what is your calling?


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