The Littles are Laying

We found a little egg on the patio the other day.   The new hens, we affectionately refer to as the littles, are now laying.  They are 22 weeks old and I consider it right on schedule.  Laying hens can lay as early as  18 or 19 weeks and we have had two that wait until they were 26 and 28 weeks.    When hens first start laying you may find an egg or two in an unexpected place.   The patio is the most unusual place I have ever had one drop her first egg.  First eggs are often on the small side, but in just a few days of laying I find that their eggs are larger, and the bird quickly figures out that the old girls are in those squares for a good reason.  My husband calls those first eggs that get dropped anywhere  sneakers, like farts that happen and you claim you did not know were coming.

A second little is also laying, though she laid her first one in the chicken run.  Much closer to the desired location.   We are still waiting on two girls.  I have to keep my eyes open for where those first eggs might land.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Chickens

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