Spending Time with My Sweetie

My Sweetie and Me

In this hurry up world it is easy to take our spouses, partners and companions for granted. It is so much easier to eat in front of the tube, and then vegout  the rest of the evening. We are as guilty as the next couple, though we do try to eat at the table.  Just that one thing makes such a world of difference.   Sitting there across the table from one another makes you have to talk.  We always cover the mundane what I did at work today, but it quickly becomes other things.   It is those other things that remind us of why we are a couple.  The fact that we are worried about the same people and things.  The amazing uncanniness that we would spend a millon dollar lotto the same way.  That are plans and wishes have evolved so dramatically in over 30 years, but still so in sync.  I am not sure how we managed such, but I am glad we did, and I am glad I did it with my sweetie.


2 comments on “Spending Time with My Sweetie

  1. Love this! And the photo is a great touch, too. You are truly blessed to have this kind of a connection with each other & after such a long time, too. Gary & I have been married 39 years & though we have our distinct differences, we also have so much in common, guess that’s why marriages last!

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