Dragging My Feet

Bea, Our light Brahma

I have blogged on this before and I am hoping that doing it again will get me off the dime and get his unpleasant task of culling my flock started.  We have been dragging our feet, though we both agree we sure would enjoy some chicken.

Butchering is never easy when you have a small backyard flock and all your birds have a name.  It is as hard as all you folks imagine.   I hate it, but if you eat meat butchering is a fact of life.

Bea is number one on our list to go.   She has a defect somewhere internally and her eggs all have an incomplete shell in exactly the same spot every time she lays.   We end up adding it to the kitchen scraps and feeding it back to the birds so it isn’t wasted, but it isn’t what she is here for either.   I also worry that an egg will collapse in her before it makes its way out with that soft spot.   That would be a disaster for her, and  I will leave it up to your imagination what a broken egg would do inside a chicken.

Butchering is the only humane thing for her before something worse happens.  Bea is almost too old to  be a roasted, but she is a heavy bird and would make a might fine Sunday dinner.  Yet as a Brahma is like the lab of the chicken world, goofy and friendly.   Her feathered feet give her a gait even more laughable than a regular chicken walk.

Here is to hoping that I put my big girl panties on get moving on the hard task of butching, the unpleasant side of having a little flock.


By Diana who is Playing Without Limits. Posted in Chickens

3 comments on “Dragging My Feet

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  2. That’s a tough job, it makes me sad to even read about it let alone do it. I don’t envy you at all but I do understand it’s all part of the process. Best to you – you’re much stronger than I am.

  3. So, how did it go? I feel sorry for you having to do this but hope it did save her from a far worse fate. Life goes on, & this is proof of that! Bless you for growing your own chickens!!

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