What should be headline

We recently had our most deadly day in this most recent war, going on almost 10 years.  Yet this was just a blip on the news for just a minute, and we were on to other things, oh so important; a modern James Gang,  the greatest baseball payer,  a well spun quote from politician running for office and our tanking economy.  I think we are screwed up there is nothing more important in this country than the lives sacrificed for it.  We have been in this war nearly 10 years and over 6,000 men and women have given their lives for this country.  That number would be much larger were it not for our modern miracles of medicine.

A small boy is concern that no one noticed his father was among the 30 servicemen who were recently killed when shot down.  Growing up I can remember the headline in the news paper every day was how many lives were lost in Vietnam  in the last day, it was the lead story on the news nightly.   We were reminded ever day the cost of a war.   It made us weary of the war and the human sacrifice. There was still a draft, and though many got deferments or went to the Peace Corps even more served.   There were young men from every community, church, family  in the armed services.  The people of this country was very connected to the war.   Many hated it, and confused hating it with the young people who served, but almost everyone knew someone who was served.

Since that time we have learned that we can disapprove of a policy, but still love our service men and women.   We have eliminated the draft, and now disproportionally  the military is made of people from small towns and lower economic means.   Our military is now a much smaller force than in previous times. Some how in making these changes we have lost our connection and understanding of costs of war.  Few people know someone who are in military service, because of this I think we are disconnected to the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country.

I have been watching what has been going on in congress, the markets and the world.  Quite frankly both the liberal and conservative medias have been driving the stories, feeding the frenzy and in many ways making the news.  They no longer are happy to report the news.  News services have analysis and  are always telling us what the news means.   News is suppose to report the facts.   I am suppose to take time to analyse and understand it; I am not to let someone else tell me what and how to think.

The economy is important; who will be the next president is important; but I will survive both of them.   I may pay higher taxes.   I may do without what I feel are essential government services.   My retirement may come later and be an economic challenge. I may think that the next president is an idiot  or the greatest one of my generation.  But this fallen soldiers will not get any of this privileges that I will have.  They will have made the greatest sacrifice, their life, for me, a citizen of the USA, the greatest country in the world in spite of ugly flaws.

I pray that each day I may be more aware of the sacrifice of military families to me with their service of country, and that I not allow the news service to drive me, but I become a well-thought-out citizen of the country.


One comment on “What should be headline

  1. Well said! My sentiments exactly, especially coming from a military family with a long history of proud service to our country. I think not having a declared war is part of the problem, because people are not really suffering like they did during WWII or Korea or even VietNam. And guess what – the wars just keep dragging on because overall, no one seems to notice or care unless/until it hits home. Just breaks my heart to see our focus on what the latest Hollywood celebrity had for lunch when these brave men & women will never again have lunch! Folks, where is our sanity here? No easy answers & no quick ones, but I say honor our troops & their families far more than we are doing, not just when there is a funeral to report in the paper! Why don’t hometown newspapers, at least, start reporting on the lives of one military family each week & encourage the townspeople to write letters to that family, pray for them, & otherwise encourage them in some positive way? That would be a start at least! Thanks for sharing this. Really touched a nerve, as you can see!

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