Huckleberry Heaven

unripe huckleberries

Every place I have ever lived there has always been something that is grown locally that folks are particularly proud of.   In Montana it is Flathead cherries and huckleberries.  We have given away our fair share of huckleberry products from Montana as gifts.  Syrup, jelly and tea get some of the highest ratings from the recipients.

Last weekend when we camped we in the heart of huckleberry heaven.  We found tons of the shrubs that bear that Montana fruit, the huckleberry.  As a result no matter if we hiked, fished and just poked around taking pictures we had our bear spray.   Though the huckleberries were not yet starting to ripen I was taking no chances.  Like me, bear’s love huckleberries and I was not sure if they waited for them to ripen before seeking them out.

I made some notes on where these bushes were because, I just may make a trip back to gather some of them when they are ready to pick.  I will be bring along John to ride shotgun with a double barrel pack of bear spray.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Odds & Ends

One comment on “Huckleberry Heaven

  1. Huckleberry jam, jelly or preserves no matter which is to die for. Hint! Hint! Oh the pancake syrup is the greatest too.

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