Pretty Bird

One of my 2 SLW

I have to admit that pretty is one of the criteria for my hens.   I want them to be good egg layers, but refuse to sacrifice beauty for the standard hybrid chicken developed for production egg laying.  Over the years I have had so many different breeds.  Some I would like to have again, but there are also many  breeds I want that I haven’t yet had.  I would have lots more chickens as I am always looking at other pretty breeds and planning how they might fit into collection of hens.  As I cull out older ones, I am planning on how to replace them.   I am watching this year’s ladies for their first egg.  They are 19 going on 20 weeks old and they should be laying their first eggs any day now.   I wonder how they will stack up.  Will they be a breed to go down as a favorite or will they be a one time wonder?

By Diana who is Playing Without Limits. Posted in Uncategorized

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