This last weekend we went camping.  We saw all sorts of wildlife one expects to see in Montana, but the most fun was a group of wolves playing in a meadow.  It was a group of three wolves, one huge black and two smaller gray and black. They were all adults, so their play caught me a  little off guard. I think of play as being a puppy activity.  They were rolling in the meadow kicking up dust, wagging their tails and taking the downward facing dog position (all you yoga people know what that looks like).  I sat there and watched them carry on for a few minutes enjoying wolves from a new point of view.

Though many people have never seen wolves, in Montana wolves become as successful breeding as unwanted dogs in a pound.  There are hundreds of them and they have started to have serious impacts on domestic animals.  Many rural families have lost dogs, and ranchers have lost cattle and sheep.   Wolves have gone in and killed more animals than they could possibly eat; it was a frenzied pack killing activity.  These are not just rural legends, but I know people who have lost hundreds of dollars of their livelihood to wolves.  The knowledge of their activities made watching them play all the more breathtaking for me.  It was a rare moment and they were sharing it with me.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Animals Tagged

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