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I never imagine I would be writing about my experiences with an eBook reader.  Quite frankly until I owned one I could imagine nothing nicer that a book, the paper kind with the pages you turn.   But that was before I started looking over my life list again and realized that there were still hundreds of classics books  that I still wanted to read.

I pondered why there were so many books still unread on my list, since I love to read, and my nightstand is always piled high with books to read.  I read almost daily, from a wide variety of genras.  I  have a habit,  which drives my husband absolutely nuts, of reading multiple books at the same time.   I often read non-fiction at the same time I read a mindless pulp fiction romance.  I will read a well-written piece of complex fiction at the same time I  read a non-fiction biography that is only written so-so.   My choice of books is based  my mood.  If I am stressed and having troubles unwinding I like a “fast” read.   If I am having a sleepless night a well written book  will often by my companion as I sit alone in the wee hours of the morning.  I average  over three books a month.

If all this is true why so many books left unread?  I think that it evolves around the need to have the book laying around to read it when I am ready.   Not many of the books I still want to read make it to Goodwill or the library book sale.   We have a library, but it seems that I don’t have the right book  home at the right time, or my books are ghastly overdue.    The idea of paying money for a new copy of a classic is just not in my nature, and seems even more foolish when many of the classics are copyright free.

My husband suggested an eBook reader.    So I did research and discovered thousands of books are out there free for the eBook readers.  Some libraries actually have eBooks that you can check out.  In the end I purchased a Kindle.  A month later I have finished five free books, four of them classics.  I have discovered I really like the option that allows me to change the font size, making it a little larger  I like that it weighs so little.   I love the fact that I have a collection of books at my fingertips.  I like I can slip it in my pocketbook and always have a book with me when I get stuck waiting.

My Kindle will never replace the paper book.   There will never be anything like reading a trashing paperback in a bubble bathtub, with a glass of wine, with votives burning filling the room my my favorite scents.  I am confident that my Kindle will help me work to cross more of the classics off my list than I would have without it.   Like so many things in life there is no one answer, no one way.  It takes salt and pepper, to create a fully season recipe.   I am going to use both paper and electronics to allow me to more fully enjoy reading.


3 comments on “eBook Reader

  1. This is interesting to me as I have been adamantly opposed to using any kind of an E-Book Reader. I don’t do the Internet any more than absolutely necessary, not a pleasure for me w/ my stupid computer half the time & the rest of the time it is too overwhelming to be enjoyable. So sitting down at my computer to read a book just isn’t my cup of tea at all. But you have given me something worth considering here & I appreciate your insights. I’m still not convinced it’s for me but a little less opposed now at least. Not an option to explore right now but my bookshelves are overflowing again after 2 years in this house so it appears I will need to look into this at some point in the near future. The good thing about using a Kindle is that when I don’t like a book & therefore don’t even want to finish it, I wouldn’t be so traumatized when I dump it (still upsets me to throw a book in the trash! If I don’t want to keep it, I’m SURE not going to pass it on to someone else so forget recycling!!). Oh, the money I have thrown away on trashy books! never ceases to amaze me at how some of them even get published!!! And get such great endorsements, too. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Update Eight Books later. I have finished 4 classics, a biography, an obscure novel that a Hitchcock film was based on and two free pulp fiction.

      I miss my paper book with pages, there has been and will never be anything like it. I still have a pile of real books bedside and on an end table. I love to spend hours in a book store, and without a buyer they will cease to exist. I will continue to kill trees.

      On the other hand I am still thrilled with my Kindle. I love weighs nothing and is easier to negotiate over a book when reading laying down. I have read four classics that I have never made time to before, and have many more loaded up on my Kindle so I am ready for more. Like Laura if I get a bad book I have no qualms with the delete key, and no guilt either. I a second it is over. I am reading more. I may forget my cell phone but I tuck my Kindle in my purse when I go anywhere where I could have to wait, the doctor’s office, hairdresser and even road traffic where you can wait for 20 minutes and turn off your car.

      The screen on the Kindle is, it doesn’t read like a computer (i.e. backlit). Meaning you can’t read it in the dark like you can a computer screen. Since I spend my day in front of a computer, this difference is critical to allowing me to relax when reading a book. You read a Kindle by light just like a book.

      It will never replace the book, but it has already evolved to me like another edition; paperback, hardcover, purchased, loaned, and now Kindle.

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