Summer Chores

Harley sitting out with the Ladies while their coop gets an annual cleaning .

Every summer like clockwork we do the annual chicken chores.   This includes pulling out everything out of the coop, taking a hose to it all, and then trying to decide if we need to do any repairs or it needs a new coat of paint.   My coop has a poop board, and it is exactly what it sounds like a board that catches poop.   I scrape this off regularly and throw it into the compost pile.   This allows me to only have to clean the whole joint once a year which is darn nice and keeps the whole thing from being stinky gross.   This year John helped me so it went much faster.

First we pulled out all the straw in our coop and all that had gotten kicked out in to the shed.  All our trees, shrubs and my new raspberries got dressed with some fresh from the coop straw.   It helps keep the weeds down, the soil moist and a little fertilizer in the mix.   The rest of the straw and the next shavings went to the compost pile for next year’s plants.

We lucked out in that we only had one corner of the vinyl flooring that was coming up and it all looked to be in good shape.  John the handy man that he is tacked it back down for another year.

After we took a hose to the wall and scrubbed with with an old broom we pronounced it clean enough to go another year on this coat of paint.

While this was going on we had 3 hens who insisted this was the hour they must lay their eggs.  No amount of scraping, raking or even water would make them leave their appointed task.   We had to pull each out and clean the next and then move to the next one.  It was a hoot because they are not normally nasty girls, but today, none of them wanted to be messed with.

Now it is all done and I don’t think the birds notice, no one who takes a coop tour will likely notice, but we can see the bright yellow walls again and know that we have finished with that summer chore.   Now I get to  take a shower, get cleaned up and enjoy  the rest of the day.

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