Another Sign of Summer

Today another sign of summer showed up…forest fire.   This afternoon while working with the windows cracked I was sure I smelled a hint of smoke. There was a light wind, but no matter what direction I looked I could not see any evidence of a smoke column, that classic telltale sign of fire.  By the time I called it a day and powered down the computer I was sure there was a fire somewhere.     The winds had picked up to 15 mph with gusts even more powerful.  Those powerful winds had filled a valley to the north  with smoke.  Last weekend there was lots of lightning and I am guessing that the winds today fanned a slow smoke into something more serious tonight.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Seasons

2 comments on “Another Sign of Summer

  1. There was a fire for sure and I believe it was south of Butte and west of Whitehall. The Whitehall siren went off while we were barrel racing and then coming home, there was definite smoke around Tabletop…the winds were horrid yesterday! Perfect fire weather.

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