Tea Time

I love tea time.  I am not English and there is no appointed hour to have tea.  Even though you can have high tea stateside, I have never been to one.  What I love is when you take time make a pot of tea and sit down and enjoy it away from your life and troubles.

When I was a youngster I can remember having tea in the afternoon with my Granny.   Even if you were not old enough to drink coffee you were able to drink tea.  My tea was laced  with lots of honey and lemon.  Since my childhood I have shared tea with many, the elderly neighbor lady, my lifetime friend, my English neighbor, my husband and others. I cherish those quiet moments.

Unlike coffee which was made in a percolator on the stove or electric, making tea is a deliberate process.  Tea  has a ritual .  You make tea in a pot that has been warmed prior to use with hot water.  You use loose tea, with leaves that will expand and unroll imparting their nuances in the hot water. You don’t use mugs and stoneware for tea, but fine china with saucers (I must admit I have moved to china mugs with gold rims and flowers as lovely as any tea cup).   Tea was the only time I ever saw sugar cubes, and that in itself was a reason to have  sweetened tea, two lumps please.   Once the tea was poured your pot is covered with a tea cozy to keep it warm.    This may seem like a lot in our grab and go society, but for me this ritual is pure relaxation.

I have a collection of loose teas so that I can pick based on my mood and taste. I have teapots, lots of teapots,  some so small that they will only make one cup, to large pots that will serve friends who come for tea.   Some of my tea pots I have bought for myself, others a gift from friends and a few pots that have belong to tea friends who are no longer here.   China tea mugs are not easy to find, but I have a collection of fine bone china mugs, with different floral designs on the outside and some with flowers on the inside as well.    No coffee mugs for my tea. I also have a collection of tea cozies to match my tea pots not be design, but by size.

Though I live in the country, don’t have many visitors,  and have a home office I still have tea time most days.   I enjoy the rituals and relax in the process.  When I prepare the tea, the process takes me away from my work and the troubles of the day.   Once I sit down with that freshly brewed cut of tea each sip takes to a place of relaxation and respite.  It may only be 10 or 15 minutes, but tea time is one of those things that keep this A-type personality from going in high gear all the time.   Yep I love tea time it allows me to take time to find and enjoy the inner me.

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2 comments on “Tea Time

  1. I always hated hot tea when growing up – & when you live in England, that’s a national insult!!! Even the children drank it, but not this girl. Yuck! But when on a trip to England to visit friends about 15 years ago I finally had a cup of tea one day that absolutely delighted my taste buds like nothing ever had!! And I was firmly hooked. My sister-in-law is from Boston & had tried for years to get me interested; I kept tea on hand just for her when she was in my home but never joined her. But it is a joy for me to enjoy a cup of tea now, wonder why it took me so many years! Thanks for sharing this, one more thing you & I have in common!!

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