Bargains & Sales

All my life I have loved bargains and sales.  As a kid growing up I went  to estate auctions with my grandparents.   In my previous work life  climbing the corporate ladder I loved designer consignment stores.  Today working from home nearly of my clothes come from Goodwill.

I started on eBay back in the days when you could run a tab and pay your bill at the end of the month with a check.  Listing fees were just pennies.  I bought and sold more than my fair share in the day.  It isn’t the same anymore.  It isn’t the world’s largest rummage sale like it used to be.  It is rare you find a treasure and there are all kinds of fees and rules now.

Tonight I am bargain hunting with the Feds.  The US government sells all their excess stuff from property to things they should just throw in the trash can  in an online auction.   If you wait and use a little patience you can often get a treasure often for a song.  I have been wanting a circa 1950’s desk for my home office, and something to replace two of my inexpensive filing cabinets have become near inoperable. I am bidding on a lot that if I get will be the answer to my dreams with a can of Kyrlon spray paint.   If I lived in a city, I likely would have gotten something awhile ago but Montana  there is less excess stuff and we are all looking for a bargain.

Wish me luck and a winning bid.



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