Family Owned Stores

Our family owned local ranch supply has been sold to a larger group of stores.  It makes me sad, but reminds how often this happens.   A family starts a business, become successful and well thought of in their community.  The kids start their own lives and  are not interested in the family business.  When retirement time comes the business is sold or closed.

I have been thinking about the little town of 4,000  where I grew up and all the family owned businesses.   They lined Main Street for blocks .   You knew the owners, the staff and they knew you.   If there was more than one of the same business you often picked one and shopped only there.  It was like picking to own only a Chevy or a Ford.   You were dead loyal to the one you choose.   It could have been because your family had always shopped there, or they had been kind or helpful in hard times.  Seldom, but occasionally it did happen and there was  falling out and you would change stores, never to return.

There were two ladies shops the KEM Shop and Pittenger’s.  I am not sure what KEM stood for but  I remember they had lots of slips and hose that were sold in those flat boxes.  Pittenger’s was a little more hip, and I got my first polo from there, though I doubt that is what they were called.

There were also two men’s stores Buikema-Blass and Frost’s.   My dad bought his only suit from Buikema’s and my husband still stores his suit in the garment bag that dad’s suit came in with the store logo on the front.  I guess suits were like hats they all came with a storage system when you bought them.   Mr. Frost was a dapper fellow, lived alone, played the piano, and was likely gay though we would have never talked about that in those days.

Our little town was deeply religious and you did not do anything on a Sunday.   We had two pharmacies one who was even open Sunday for a hour so you could get the newspaper.  It was quite blasphemous and many folks would never step foot into Fitzgerald’s drug store, because they committed the sin of doing business on Sunday. Our family was either a little less religious or desperate for news, as we always stopped by and got our newspaper on the way home from church.

There are many other instances of this; the two grocery stores Wilken’s and Red & White, who both delivered, and had real in-store butchers;  the shoe store, the bakery, the dairy, the cafes  and the list goes on.   None of them are there any longer.

Some were in the family for generations, others sold to key employees and hung around for a little longer, but all of them gone.  Retail is a hard business, and small business is even harder.  It hasn’t gotten any easier with the passage of time.  We continue to loose small businesses yet today.  I am sorry to see my ranch supply change hands, but I wish the family the best in their retirement.

One comment on “Family Owned Stores

  1. This is just one of many ways that America has changed. We used to be the land of opportunity, exactly for the reasons outlined in your blog….now the nature of a capitalistic society has done away with many of the home-owned businesses. That and the ACLU and Unions and such have created an environment in our country where it is not profitable to do business. It is sad. I am not happy at all that Murdoch’s bought out Quality Supply. Those four Quality stores were the best and now, we will pay more to have a larger chain. Such is the way of life….

    Great blog!

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