Personal Pace Setter

Harley my personal pace setter.

I am walking daily, training to do a half marathon at the end of July.   My training partner is my dog.   Many people exercise with their dog, killing two birds with one stone, both getting in a little exercise.    The special part  is that my dog isn’t your standard lab or other breed you commonly see running along owners.  My dog is a Cairn Terrier, a little 15 pound wonder dog.

My husband drops us off miles from home.  From the minute we get out  of the car to the minute we get home, my dog is the pace setter.   He doesn’t pull at the leash, but he lets me know that we got places to go and keeps it up.   Unlike most male dogs, he wastes no time marking, he hoofs it the whole time.   When I slow down on the hills he takes up running to let me know I can’t fall behind.

This is the first year training with this dog and I am not sure what is fair and realistic for him to walk nonstop.  I know he can hike all day, but then I take breaks.   I do know when I leave him behind I will miss the joy that his driving spirit gives me.

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