Grandmother, Grandma, Nanny and Granny

There is a little mother hen in all of us.

Growing up there was no such thing as Grandparent’s Day.  You honored your grandmothers on Mother’s Day.  After all if they were not someone’s mother you would not be here.   I came from a blended family and as such had more than my fair share of grandparents.  Each of them gave me something special and made me the woman I am today.   They are all gone now, but today in honor of mother’s day I want to honor each of them, Great-Grandmother Miller, Nanny Duncan, Grandma V, Grandma T, and Granny.  Thanks to all of you for making my childhood special as only a grandmother can.


One comment on “Grandmother, Grandma, Nanny and Granny

  1. What a sweet idea to do this! For we shared three of those ladies by the blood we have between us, fond memories I have of each one. Grandmother was the stern one but she must have done something right – all five of her children loved the Lord as adults & served Him faithfully. Nanny Duncan came into my life at a very vulnerable time, soon after Daddy died. She was funny, amazing, & courageous! Uncle Norman scared me to death as a small child with his loud, booming voice & tall presence that towered over me by several feet it seemed. But that summer when I met Nanny & took to her like a duck to water, settling under the feathers of her caring wings, I saw her stand up to him as no one had ever dared to do before! And I saw for the first time a tenderness in him, for he cared deeply for this tiny woman who did not fear wagging her finger in his face when he deserved a chewing-out!! When she spoke, he listened! And of course, your Granny was known to me as Aunt Pat. A strange name for one whose real name was Bettie Kay! But she told me her little sister couldn’t say that mouthful & it came out Patty-Cake, then evolved into Pat. So “Aunt Pat” it was from that day on. One day I was in their home & the doorbell rang. Aunt Pat asked me to answer the door & the lady standing there asked if Bettie Kay was home. We had quite a houseful at the time of various relatives in and out all day & I honestly didn’t know this person nor whether she was home or not. So I called out to my aunt, “Aunt Pat, is there a Bettie Kay here?” She never let me forget that, but in a loving manner.

    Thanks for sharing these precious memories & allowing me to reflect on them as well!!

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