Chicken Updates

Harley and Fluffy

I posted pictures of this year’s chicks on the Backyard Chicken’s page.   They aren’t real telling yet at six weeks, if I have roosters or pullets.   Several times since I put them in the ex-pen I go out to discover some  of them have gone over the fence and are no longer in the protected zone.   So far none of the big girls have taken much of an exception to that, and no blood has been shed.   Fortunately Harley, who should have a huge prey drive as a Cairn Terrier, thinks them as more of his flock of chicks  and not dinner.  No I don’t leave him unattended with the chickens so don’t you naysayers get your underwear in a bunch.  I know that left alone anything is possible, but he is exceptional with the birds so far.


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