And then there were 4

light Brahma

I personally collect standard heavy breeds for my flock of chickens. I have a bent towards the heritage breeds.   A bantam chick is a miniature version of the standard breed, and not my cup of tea.

buff Brahma

This year I purchased a chick from the tank marked Buff Brahma, as  Brahma’s are one of my personal favorites. Brahmas are friendly, have a cushion comb for Montana winters and handsome birds.   They are not the best layers, but not terrible either.

My birds are now 4.5 weeks old and my Brahma, is obviously a bantam.  She is  nearly the same size as when I got her, but feathering out nicely.   I had to make a choice keeper her and hope she integrates in to my flock of large girls or get rid of her.

I put her on the local free cycle and now she is gone and I am down to four birds.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Chickens

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