My great grandmother attended college in 1903 taking art as her major, with an emphasis on painting and pyrography. Pyrography for those of you who are not familiar with this medium is wood burning. I know of two pictures done my Great Grandma Wilna have survived the test of time.  One hangs in my home that she did as a young woman before she married.  Another that hangs at my Great Grand Uncle’s daughter’s home, it was given to her as she is said to look like Wilna.   I always looked that painting I have, when it hung in my grandparents home and though she was the most talented person.   I have since seen the work of many famous artists and know now that she had talent, but not the most talent, but talent none the less

I have always wanted to be able to sketch or paint, but find myself with no natural talent in that area.   I do keep a sketch book with me often when I hike, but struggle with scale.   I have taken classes in art painting and drawing and  can say after years of trying I don’t seem to have developed any talent either.   My skills lay else where.    I can cook up a storm. I can write.  I can take a photo. I love color, fabric, paper, paint; if it is color I love it.  I have some skill with a needle and thread.    I just have different talents than my Great Grandmother.

Each of us has talents some are very obvious to us and others around us.  Some we take so for granite that we don’t recognize that it is even a talent.   Bask in the glory of your talents.  There are thousands of folks who would give their right arm to be able to do what you do so easily.


3 comments on “Talents

  1. I felt the same way for years because I really can’t draw. (Ironic, since I post my daily challenge drawings on my blog) When I found the book arts, however, it was like magic it was so easy. I spent years wishing I had someone else’s gifts and recently discovered that I should pursue joy in what God DID give me.

    • I just checked out your blog and how wonderful. Your work is so intriguing and it makes me want to be brave and undertake a project such as you did. Thanks for taking the time to read by blog and provide another point of view and providing inspiration in your work.

      • Thanks for your kind words! I started the drawing challenge when a close call car accident made me re-evaluate my long standing artistic hiatus. I didn’t think of it as a big deal at first, but a third of the way in, it is changing my perspective on a lot of things – art, life and even faith (which I didn’t expect). It has been an amazing adventure — I’d recommend anyone try a similar personal challenge.

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