Unfinished Novel

When one of my dear friends recently passed away she left behind an unfinished novel.   We talked about the desire to write a novel many times.  We encouraged one another, but never insisted we get started.  Suddenly she knew her time had  become very limited the push was on.  In spite of all efforts she was gone before the story was finished.

I have blogged about this book I want to write before.  I said it out load to more than one person.  I have belonged to writing groups.  I have taken classes and participated in seminars.  I have set deadlines.  I keep a journal.  I blog.  In spite of all that my book is still just wish in my head.

Today I read a blog entry by  my first cousin once removed who I connected with on my family history search (that is another story for another day).  Laura is a writer and she shares her insights and thoughts and inspires me to keep on, to take the next step.   I know that story is just rattling around in my head.  Pray that I find a way to get that first words down on paper so I can honor my friend by not leaving behind a second unfinished novel.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Goals

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