New Kitchen

My new half kitchen

Well half a new kitchen.   Our contractor just finished the first half of our kitchen redo.   The rest will be done this fall, when we can get back on our contractor’s schedule and we have some more dough.

When we took out the circular stairs we had to put in a traditional stairs and the only place that we could do that was in the kitchen.   Since that time we have had a pony wall around the staircase in the kitchen.   We finally said enough is enough and had cupboards and bookcases put around that short wall.

Our existing cupboards were on the line of keep or go.   Once the new ones arrived, the exiting ones which were clearly bottom of the line, went from looking weary to plain worn.  Our kitchen project went from a maybe two parts, to definitely two parts.

My tuckaway plugs

I included two extravagant pieces: built in book cases, and plug ins that can be put away when not used.

A place for all my cookbooks

Friday the finish work was done and we are now living with half again as much counter space and cupboard space.   All I can say is sweet!

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