Doggie Flack Jacket

Harley showing off his flack jacket

If you are a regular bird hunter in the tall grass prairies  in North or South Dakota with a dog odds are your dog had some kind of chest protection…a doggie flack jacket. Bird dogs are tireless and they pursue their prey going through the remains of corn stubble, grasses, brambles, brush and sticks.  All of these poke at their chest and tender undersides.  They leave behind seeds and burrs  in a dogs coat.  These dog flack jackets and vests are made for the taller, heavier and traditional bird breeds and provided some basic protection for them.

I have discovered I have a need for a flack jacket for my little Cairn.  He loves hiking with me.  Lately when I get home his stomach is full of seeds, the kind that like to poke through on his tender stomach, cheat grass and needle and thread most often.  These seeds are of  particular of concern as they are barbed and once they start burrowing in the skin they are difficult to remove.

If he does not stand up, you can't see his body armor

I did some internet searching and came up blank.  Lots of weed and brush jackets for big dogs, only fru-fru clothes for little dogs.  Neither my dog nor I would be caught dead dressing him up in such garb.  My compromise is a a full-chest dog harness.   It doesn’t protect his whole abdomen like a traditional dog brush jacket, but the harness has enough material across his chest to provide some protection from  that initial contact.   It has only straps on the back side so he doesn’t look dressed up.  The jury is still out if this harness will do the trick, but after todays walk, I found sees in the vest and only 3 on the dog.   It looks promising.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Dogs

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