Be Smart – Be Safe

Today just ordered a new RoadID.   A RoadID is a wrist or ankle band that you wear when you are out carrying little to no ID.   You put information on it to allow some kind of contact should you be found in a situation where you can’t tell folks who you are.

I have one because I often going out walking by myself, be it to train or just plain hike and enjoy life.  When I do this I go with as little jazz as possible, and definitely no wallet.   RoadID’s aren’t just for runners or hikers.  If you find yourself leaving that wallet or purse behind you need a RoadID.    If you go out on horseback, hunting or back country fishing, one of these may be your ounce of prevention that could make all the difference.      One of my friends was out riding and got thrown from her horse.  She broke her pelvis and had to lay in the back pasture behind the barn for several hours until her husband came home and went looking for her.   She is a good rider and it could have been her head, not her pelvis and miles from home instead of behind the barn.  She didn’t need a RoadID this time, but it could have made a world of difference if she had.

Your RoadID is only as good as the numbers you put on it.   Besides my home and husband’s numbers I put the phone numbers of two local friends who can be mighty fierce when they need to be.  If I need help and can’t do it myself, I know that these two women would move the world to find family for me.  I hope that no one never gets a call using the numbers on my wrist, but if I do it is great to know who has my back.



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