And then there were 5

Four of this year's chicks

Chicks are social animals and are happiest in their flock or group.  For this reason would suggest if you are thinking of getting a couple of chickens, even a first-timer should get no fewer than 3 baby chicks.   Hoping that  you end up with two.

Baby chicks are a fragile lot.  They can get cold or a draft and you can go to bed with health happy chicks and wake up with one or two who died overnight.   Chicks also can have a certain amount of internal defects that will cause them to suddenly die or fail to grow.  Some chicks  seem to do well and then at the end of the first week, just give up the ghost.   I think this is just a microcosm of life, but if you are raising baby chicks you need to be prepared that with life comes death.

Another reason for being in favor of getting 3 chickens is roosters.   Even if they claim to have sexed the birds you can still get a rooster.   I can tell you this from personal experience.   There can be a “nice” rooster, but the history of most  folks with  roosters would tell you not to bank on it.  You need to be prepared for a rooster and what would be his demise at your house if one of those cute chicks turned out to be a wicked rooster.

My flock of chicks are just over a week old.  They are fun to watch as they move from little fur balls to “real” chicks with their own looks and personalities.  Unfortunately one of the little birds apparently had something wrong and if failure to thrive can be applied to chicks, this one clearly suffered from it.  It is now gone, one of the sad realities of baby chicks, they are not all likely to make it to adulthood.   The remaining chicks are coming along fine, feathering out, eating, drinking and of course as all babies must do lots of pooping.


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